Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving In

I arrived at my school last night and moved into my dorm, Women’s College. It is, not to be mean, a little on the ghetto side, but it is acceptable, and I have my own room, and they serve three meals a day. We had a very entertaining driver from the airport who told us a lot about the city (she was 72 and quite a character). She told us that we are 10 years into a drought in Brisbane, which according to the sign in my bathroom means we get 3 minutes to shower. THREE MINUTES. But anyway. My room is a little small, but cute (the outlet and my bed are on opposite sides of the room but I am comfortably sitting in my bed with my computer plugged in). Whoever lived here before me was really nice, they left me a $130 hairdryer/straightener set, a bunch of pushpins, and an umbrella. As far as the internet quota, I don’t get much at all but for 10 dollars a month I can get a lot more, so that will be fine. After we put our stuff in our rooms, me and three other Australearn girls went over to Target and bought things we needed (I didn’t realize that I need so much stuff), and it was very productive. Now I am all moved in, and it is very satisfying. One major inconvenience of our dorm is that it is FREEZING. Our rooms have little space heater thingies, but they turn themselves off after 30 minutes. Annoying when you are sleeping. My goals for today are to get myself a cell phone (dreading spending that money) and see if I can familiarize myself with the campus a little bit (it is huge). As a final comment, I know a lot of you were wondering about Australian toilets. So far as I can tell, they don’t spin either direction; the water just kind of pours straight down from the top of the bowl into the bottom. But people tell me when it does spin, it goes the same direction. So there is your report. The toilets also have two flushes, for a lot of water or half water, because of the drought. Actually a lot of things here are good for the environment. All the outlets have switches to be turned off, and I couldn’t find any detergent with phosphates (not that I wanted it, I was just curious).

My address is:

Kate Drake
Women’s College
College Road
St. Lucia Queensland 4067


Dunia Duara said...

A three minute shower wouldn't faze me.

Kate said...

thats because your average shower length is about a minute and a half lol

Anonymous said...

i couldn't do it

Kate said...

lol lauren you couldn't come to this country anyway. the hole in the ozone layer is directly over queensland and we are supposed to wear spf30+ whenever we are outside for any length of time. you would be fried.

Anonymous said...

:-/ lol