Monday, August 18, 2008


I guess it makes sense that since there are different trees here the Australians might not put maple syrup on their pancakes, but it is not something I really thought about until I got here. Don't get me wrong, maple syrup is available, and "maple-flavoured" syrup is in abundance. I just thought I would call attention to the fact that it isn't the primary type of syrup, since maybe other people in America would also not have thought of it. Instead the Australians use something called golden syrup, which is gold-colored (obviously) and sweet and in my opinion really gross. But then again I am pretty picky.

Another type of syrup which is pretty scarce around here is corn syrup. No matter how many processed foods I read the ingredients of, I have yet to find any that have high fructose corn syrup. This is another thing I would have known before getting here if I had bothered to really think on it, but America just has more corn than other places (more than we know what to do with apparently). I have seen a variety of other sugary type syrups in things like coca-cola, but there is definitely a distinct lack of corn syrup.

There, you have all been educated.


Anjali said...

no, it's not that you're picky, it's just gross.
This strange convergence of food opinions is beginning to creep me out Kate...

Reid said...

I don't like maple syrup, and Iowa has loads of corn.

Rachel said...

weird. good luck with that.

(do they put sugar cane in the pop over there? i really liked kenyan soda, actually. i think ditching the corn syrup is a good idea in that case.)