Friday, August 15, 2008

The Races

On Wednesday (as I mentioned in my last post) the entire city had a day off to go down to the horse races. Basically you get really dressed up and put on a funny hat and go bet on the 8 horse races that are spread through out the day. Despite my best efforts i was unable to acquire a funny hat or a 'fascinator,' which is like the frilly, flowery decoration on a hat but without the hat. If you're in uni you also start drinking at obscene hours on Ekka day (the boys in Kings College started at 6 am) to ensure you are totally wasted through the whole day. My college hosted a champagne breakfast with Kings College and then a bus ride over to the races. It was really good fun. I bet on two races and lost both times so that was the end of that. It was really fun to people-watch too, there were thousands of people there all dressed up in their race day finery. I have heard good things about the actual Ekka, which is like a fair with rides and face painting and so on that went on all week, but I didn't actually make it to that. Pictures of the races and also of the trip to the Sunshine Coast have been added to the album with the Bartopia pictures from earlier. Link:

Here are some of the pictures...Sunshine Coast:

The Races:


Dunia Duara said...

Oh man these pictures make me so jealous! That looks like a blast! as you can see, i have internet again and will be responding to emails soon!!


Rachel said...

The beach looks awesome and the horse races sound like such a fun day!! especially since the whole city goes!! super fun!!